SAP FSCM Online Training

The SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM) set of applications provides a complete, integrated solution for managing electronic customer billing, receivables, collections, and customer credit risk. SAP FSCM helps you more effectively control your company's accounts receivable processes and ensure cash flows through online billing, more streamlined handling of billing disputes, and collections.

Complete integration with core SAP ERP applications ensures that your receivables and collections professionals have the most up-to-date data. So they can resolve issues quickly – resulting in accelerated cash flow and lower operating expenses.

SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FIN-FSCM) optimizes the financial and information flows within a company and between business partners.

SAP Financial Supply Chain Management contains the following components:
●  SAP Treasury and Risk Management(FIN-FSCM-TRM).
●  SAP Biller Direct(FIN-FSCM-BD)
Application for electronic issue of bills and payment.
●  SAP Cash and Liquidity Management (FIN-FSCM-CLM)
Application for managing liquidity items.
●  SAP Collections Management (FIN-FSCM-COL)
Application for proactive receivables management.
●  SAP Credit Management(FIN-FSCM-CR)
Application for supporting and automating credit decisions.
●  SAP Dispute Management (FIN-FSCM-DM)
Application for efficient processing of receivables-related dispute cases.
●  SAP In-House Cash(FIN-FSCM-IHC)
Application for optimizing payment transactions within and outside of the group.

SAP FSCM includes the following applications: 
* Credit management
  •  Employs sophisticated tools to analyze customer credit worthiness and establish policy 
  •  Helps you avoid bad debt losses by proactively managing customer credit risk exposure 

* Electronic invoicing and payments
  • Enables customer access to invoices, account status, and payment information over the Internet 
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing customer or supplier facing portals 

* Dispute management
  • Resolves accounts receivable disputes faster and more systematically 
  • Reduces days sales outstanding (DSO) and improve cash flows 

* Collections management
  • Enables the more effective management of past due accounts 
  • Ensures faster collection of delinquent payments though prioritized collections efforts

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