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SAP HANA Course Content :

Introduction to SAP HANA SAP In-Memory Strategy 
HANA compare to BWA Look &Feel

  •    In-Memory Computing Studio
  •    Administration view
  •    Navigator View
  •    System Monitor
  •    Information Modeller
  •    Architecture Overview
  •    IMCE and Surroundings
  •    Row Store
  •    Column Store
  •    Loading data into HANA
  •    Data Modelling
  •    Reporting
  •    Persistent Layer
  •    Backup & Recovery
  •    Replication Server
  •    Replication Process
  •    Replication Architecture
  •    Data Services
  •    SAP BODS and HANA
  •    Basic Data service Connection types
  •    New to Data services 40
  •    Full Extractor though ODP
  •    Configure Import server
  •    Create and execute a Data Service Job to Populate HANA   
  •     Purpose of Information Modeller
  •     Levels of Modelling in SAP HANA
  •    Attribute Views
  •    Analytic Views
  •    Calculation Views
  •    Export & Import
  •    HANA, Reporting Layer
  •    Connectivity options
  •    Business Objects BI 40
  •    Business Objects BI 40 Explorer
  •    Business Objects BI 40 Enterprise
  •    Crystal Reports via ODBC/JDBC Connections
  •    Others & MS Excel
  •    Creation of Users
  •    Creation of Roles
  •    Creation of Role Hierarchy
  •    Assignment of Users to Roles
  •    Authentication
  •    IMCE Authorizations

1.1  The Basics

1.2  The Physical View: SAP HANA Servers 

1.2.1  Data and Processing Layer
1.2.2  Persistence Layer 
1.2.3   Network Layer 

1.3  The Operating System View: Database Processes 

1.4  The Logical View: Internal Architecture of the Database 
1.4.1  Index Server Architecture .
1.4.2  XS Server Architecture 

1.5  Distributed SAP HANA Systems 
1.5.1  The Name Server in Distributed Systems 
1.5.2  Distributed Index Servers: Data and Query Distribution .
1.5.3  Distributed Persistence 

1.6  The Appliance Concept of SAP HANA
1.6.1  SAP HANA Appliance Offerings
1.6.2  Hosting and Cloud Offerings 
1.6.3  Generic Deployment Considerations 

1.7  Release Cycles of SAP HANA Database Software 
1.7.1  Support Package Stacks 
2  Installation and Updates 

2.1  Preparing for Installation and Updates
2.1.1  Skill Set 
2.1.2  Server Hardware 
2.1.3  Operating System 
2.1.4  File System Setup 

2.2  Tools for Installing and Updating SAP HANA Systems

2.2.1  Installation Tools
2.2.2  Update Tools

2.3   Installing an SAP HANA Database 

2.3.1  Downloading and Preparing the Software 
2.3.2  Running the Installation Tool 

2.4  Updating an SAP HANA Database 

2.4.1  Prerequisites 
2.4.2  Steps in an Update 
2.4.3  Running the Update Tool

2.5  Installing Multiple Instances of an SAP HANA Database on the
Same Physical Server (Nonproduction)
3.6 Installation and Update in Batch Mode 

3.6.1 Password Treatment 
3.6.2 Preparing the Configuration File 
3.6.3 Performing the Installation
3.6.4 Performing the Update 

3.7 Installing and Updating Scale-Out Systems 

3.7.1 Preparation 
3.7.2 Installing a Scale-Out System with hdblcmgui 
3.7.3 Updating a Scale-Out System

3.8 Troubleshooting 

3.8.1 Log Files of hdblcm 
3.8.2 Useful Tests on the Command Line
4 Administration Tools 

4.1 Introduction to SAP HANA Studio 

4.1.1 Your First Contact with SAP HANA Studio
4.1.2 Connecting to SAP HANA Database Systems 
4.1.3 Principles of Working with SAP HANA Studio 

4.2 Database Administration with SAP HANA Studio 

4.2.1 Managing the Database Configuration 
4.2.2 Starting and Stopping the Database 
4.2.3 Starting and Stopping Individual Database Processes 

4.3 Monitoring the Database with SAP HANA Studio 

4.3.1 Getting an Overview of the Database System
4.3.2 Monitoring Views in the Administration Editor 
4.3.3 The Statistics Service 
4.3.4 Other System Monitors 
4.4 DBA Cockpit for SAP HANA 
5 The Persistence Layer 

5.1 Log and Data Volumes: The Data Image on Disk 

5.1.1 Memory and Disk 
5.1.2 Page Management 
5.1.3 Transaction Logs 
5.1.4 Data Volumes and the Savepoint Operation
5.1.5 System Start Procedure 

5.2 Log Backup

5.2.1 Log Backup Procedure
5.2.2 Enabling Log Backups
5.2.3 Managing Log Backups 

5.3.1 The Purpose of Snapshots
5.3.2 Lifecycle of a Snapshot 
5.3.3 Creating a Database Snapshot in SAP HANA Studio
5.3.4 Recovering the Database from a Snapshot 
5.3.5 SQL Syntax for Managing Database Snapshots 

5.4 Data Backup and Recovery of the SAP HANA Database

5.4.1 Supported Backup Mechanisms 
5.4.2 Properties of Data Backups in SAP HANA 
5.4.3 Creating Data Backups 
5.4.4 Concepts of Database Recovery 
5.4.5 Recovering the Database 
5.4.6 Technical Recovery Scenarios .
5.4.7 Copying an SAP HANA System Using Database Backups ..
5.4.8 Managing Backups: The Backup Catalog
5.4.9 Sizing the Backup Storage 
5.4.10 SQL Syntax for Database Backups 
5.4.11 Relevant System Views and Parameters for Backups 

5.5 Disaster Recovery Setups and System Replication 

5.5.1 Storage Replication
5.5.2 System Replication 

6.0 Mechanisms for Exporting and Importing Objects 

6.1.1 Developer-Mode Export and Import 
6.1.2 Delivery-Unit Export and Import 

6.2 Change Recording and Transports 

6.2.1 Change Recording
6.2.2 Transporting with the SAP HANA Application ? Lifecycle Manager 
7 User Management and Security 

7.1 Essential Security-Related Concepts 

7.1.1 Object Ownership 
7.1.2 Stored Procedures in Definer Mode

7.2 Database Users 

7.2.1 Creating Database Users 
7.2.2 Modifying Database Users 
7.2.3 Deactivating and Locking Users
7.2.4 Dropping Database Users 
7.2.5 Built-in Database Users 
7.2.6 Restricted Users 

7.3 Authentication Methods 

7.3.1 Name/Password Authentication 
7.3.2 Single Sign-On with Kerberos Authentication 
7.3.3 Further Authentication Methods 
7.3.4 Enabling Multiple Authentication Methods for ? One User

7.4 Securing SAP HANA’s Network Interfaces 

7.4.1 External Network Connections to an SAP HANA System 
7.4.2 Encrypting External Network Connections 
7.4.3 Internal Network Connections 

7.5 Auditing in the Database 

7.5.1 Global Audit Settings 
7.5.2 Audit Policies 
7.5.3 Principles of Auditing in SAP HANA 
8 Roles and Privileges 

8.1 Database Roles 

8.1.1 Catalog Roles
8.1.2 Repository Roles 
8.1.3 Catalog Roles vs. Repository Roles 

8.2 Privileges in the Database Catalog and Repository

8.2.1 Privileges Managed in the Catalog of SAP HANA 
8.2.2 Privileges Managed in the Repository of SAP HANA

8.3 Types of Privileges in SAP HANA 

8.3.1 System Privileges 
8.3.2 Object Privileges 
8.3.3 Schema Privileges 
8.3.4 Package Privileges 
8.3.5 Analytic Privileges 
8.3.6 Application Privileges 
8.3.7 Easing Your Mind 

8.4 Critical Privileges and Privilege Combinations 

8.4.1 Critical System Privileges 
8.4.2 Critical Privilege Combinations 

8.5 Standard Roles for SAP HANA Systems 

8.6 Troubleshooting Authorization Issues 

8.6.1 Finding Information on Granted Privileges and Roles 
8.6.2 Tracing Missing Authorizations 

Data Provisioning:
User Management:

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Contact     :   +1- 609-957-5258 (USA)

E-Mail ID   :

Skype ID   :   mavenitsolutions


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