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In Mavenitsolutions Training, We are providing SAP CRM Online Training with real time industry experts. For more information please conatct us. 

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SAP CRM Technical course content

Basic ABAP Skills required for SAP-CRM Technical):

  • SAP Overview & SAP Modules
  • Data Dictionary & Programs
  • Function Modules
  • ABAP Objects (Classes & Methods)
  • Transaction Codes & Message Class

CRM Functional Overview :

  • CRM Basic components &  Architecture 
  • Business Partner Master data
  • Product  Master data
  • Base Customization 
  • Transaction Processing
  • Activity management
  • Partner Management and  profiles
  • Organizational Structure management
  • Action Profiles in CRM
  • CRM Order Processing. 

CRM Technical Concepts :

  • One Order Concept
  • CRM 1 Order Components and Tables
  • CRM Order Read
  • CRM Order Maintenance

CRM Enhancement  Techniques:

  • EEWB / AET
  • CRM Event Call backs
  • Transaction Launcher

CRM 7.0 Web UI Concepts:

  • Overview of User interface
  • Business Role Concept
  • L  Shape Architecture 
  • Navigation Area
  • Header Area  
  • Work Area
  • Work centre
  • Direct linkgroup
  • Quick links

WEB UI Framework and Architecture:

  • MVC Architecture 
  • Business Layer (BOL) / Generic Interaction Layer - GenIL

UI Component Development and Enhancement Concepts

Component  Workbench - BSP_WD_CMPWB
i. Types of Controllers:
  • Component controller
  • Custom Controller
  • View Controller
ii. Types of views
  • Form View / Table View / Empty View
iii. Concept of Context
iv. Context Nodes
v. Event Handler Methods
vi. Inbound Plugs
vii. Outbound Plugs
viii. Runtime Repository Editor
  • Model,  Windows, View Sets, Navigational Links
  • Component Interface, 
  • Component Usage
  • UI Configuration tool
WEB UI Exercises:
  • Standard UI Component Enhancements using BSP Component Workbench
  • UI Component Creation using BSP Component Workbench

BOL Programming:

  • Generic Interaction Layer(GenIL) Overview:
  • GeniL Object Model
  • Types of GeniL Objects(Business Objects):
  • GenIL Object Model Tools:
  • GeniLModel Browser
  • GeniL BOL Browser
  • BOL (Business object Layer) Programming Basics
  • Working with BOL Entities / Collection
  • BOL Core Class(CL_CRM_BOL_CORE)
  • Create, Read and Modify entity
  • Remove entity, Sorting of entities
  • Locking entity, Filtering entity
  • Create related entities
  • Reading Related entities
  •  BOL (Business object Layer) Programming (examples)
  • Reading CRM Order data Using BOL Program
  • Create/Change/Delete CRM Order data using BOL Program
  • SAP CRM Functional Online Training course content


    1) Business Partner
    2) Defining BP Roles
    3) Number Ranges and Grouping
    4) BP Related Customizing
    5) Product master Record
    6) Products Types, Maintain Product
    7) Product category and Hierarchy
    8) Attributes, Set types, category hierarchy etc
    9) Organizational Model
    10) Organizational Management
    11) Organizational Data Determination
    12) Territory Hierarchy 
    13) Territory Management


    1) Business Transaction Processing
    2) Setting for Leads
    3) Settings for opportunities
    4) Survey Suite
    5) Item Category Determination
    6) Copying Control for Business Transaction
    7) Quotation and Sales Order 

    8) Partner Processing

    9) Status Profile                                                  
    10) Text Determination Procedure                          
    11) Questionnaires (Survey Suite )


    1) Overview of Pricing
    2) Condition Technique
    3) Condition Record
    4) Pricing procedure


    1) Service Organization Model
    2) Overview of Service Transactions
    3) Installed Base Management
    4) Complaints
    5) Catalogs, Codes and Profile
    6) Service Level Agreements


    1) Overview of marketing management in my SAP CRM\
    2) Creation of Marketing Attributes
    3) Marketing and campaign planning
    4) Creation of Target Groups,Profiles etc.
    5) Planning and performing marketing projects
    6) Personalized mail forms
    7) External List Management
    8) Activity Management


    1) Structure of CRM Web Client framework
    2) BP Role Configuration
    3) Layout Profile
    4) Technical Profile
    5) Navigation Bar Profile
    6) Role Config key
    7) Web Client UI Framework
    8) Adjustment of Work Centers
    9) BSP Component Workbench


    1) Middleware overview
    2) RFC
    3) Initial data load 
    4) Delta Load 
    5) Inbound Que, Out Bound Que
    6) Error Handling and Monitoring
    7) Data Transfer between ERP and SAP CRM
    8) Admin Console 

    Additional Topics:

    1) ASAP Methodology including all Projects Stages
    2) Interview Tips
    3) Real time Project Base Scenario
    4) Real Time Docs Like Business Blue Print, functional 
                          Specification , KUT etc
    5) Overview of Testing Process 
    6) Resume Preparation etc

    In Mavenitsolutions Training, We are providing SAP CRM Online Training with real time industry experts. For more information please conatct us. 

    Contact     :   +1- 609-957-5258 (USA)

    E-Mail ID   :

    Skype ID   :   mavenitsolutions




  3. SAP CRM is the CRM tool provided by the SAP. What is SAP CRM used for? A CRM is used for too many a business process but let consider a very typical workflow for SAP -CRM Typical SAP-CRM Workflow[/caption] A customer may raise an issue with the vendor via any medium like Fax, email , telephone etc. If the resolution can not be provided immediately by the fron – end customer representatives they raise a ticket in SAP – CRM which is addressed by a more technically equipped personnel. The resoluution is than forwarded to the customer. Overview SAP’s CRM solution included several modules that is support key functional areas including:

    SAP CRM Sales
    SAP CRM Marketing
    SAP CRM Service
    SAP CRM Analytics
    SAP CRM Interaction Center
    SAP CRM Web Channel [which is includes to E-Commerce, E-Marketing and E-Service]
    SAP CRM Partner Channel Management
    SAP CRM WebClient UI
    SAP CRM Investigative Case Management [ICM]
    SAP CRM Social Service
    SAP CRM Loyalty Management [LM]
    SAP CRM Real Time Offer Management [RTOM]
    SAP CRM Mobile Solutions
    SAP CRM Trade Promotion Management [TPM]
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