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SAP BO Course Content

Index of Topics:

Basics of Business Objects Administration
Information Design Tool 4.0/Universe Design Tool 4.0
Web Intelligence /Webi rich Client 4.0
Upgrade Management tool
Query as a web service Designer
Central Configuration Manager
Report Conversion Tool 
Dashboard Design Tool(Xcelsius)
Basics of Business Objects Administration

What is Business Objects Enterprise?

-> Describe BusinessObjects Enterprise
-> Use InfoView and the Central Management Console to view content
-> Configure the Central Management Console
-> Describe the BusinessObjects Enterprise Architecture
* Managing BusinessObjects Enterprise Content
-> Add objects to the Repository
-> Manipulate objects in BusinessObjects Enterprise
* Securing BusinessObjects Enterprise Content
-> Create users, groups, folders and categories
-> Understand the BusinessObjects Enterprise security model
-> Describe guidelines for planning security

Information Design Tool 4.0/Universe Design Tool 4.0:

Understanding Business Objects Universes
-> Define Business Objects universe concepts
-> Use the universe development cycle
* Creating the Course Universe
-> Describe the course database and universe
-> Create the course universes
* Building the Universe Structure
-> Populate the universe structure
-> Define joins in a universe
* Creating Dimension Objects
-> Describe classes and objects
-> Create classes and objects
* Creating Measure Objects
-> Define measure object concepts
-> Create measure objects
-> Create delegated measure objects
* Resolving Loops in a Universe
-> Understand loops
-> Resolve loops using aliases
-> Resolve loops using contexts
* Resolving SQL Traps
-> Understand SQL traps and universes
-> Resolve fan traps
-> Resolve chasm traps
* Applying Restrictions on Objects
-> Restrict the data returned by objects
* Using @functions with Objects
-> Use @functions
* Using Hierarchies
-> Understand hierarchies and universes
-> Work with hierarchies
* Using Lists of Values
-> Create a list of values
-> Work with LOVs in Universe Designer/IDT
-> Create a cascading LOV
* Creating Derived Tables and Indexes
-> Use derived tables
-> Apply index awareness

* Applying Universe Access Restrictions
-> Set access restrictions on a universe
* Managing Universes
-> Document universes
-> Deploy universes
-> Maintain universes
Creation of Universe from SAP BW with BICS  and JCO connectivity
Web Intelligence /Webi rich Client 4.0

Introducing Web Intelligence
-> Describing Web Intelligence concepts
-> Explaining Web Intelligence core functionality
-> Describing Web Intelligence and Business Objects Enterprise
* Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries
-> Querying with Web Intelligence
-> Creating a new document
-> Modifying a document's query
-> Working with query properties
* Restricting Data Returned by a Query
-> Restricting data with query filters
-> Modifying a query with a predefined query filter
-> Applying a single-value query filter
-> Using wildcards in query filters
-> Using prompts to restrict data
-> Using complex filters
* Designing Web Intelligence Reports
-> Working with Web Intelligence documents
-> Displaying data in tables and charts
-> Creating tables
-> Working with tables
-> Presenting data in free-standing cells
-> Presenting data in charts
* Enhancing the Presentation of Data in Reports
-> Using breaks, calculations
-> Using sorts
-> Formatting breaks and cross tabs
-> Using report filters
-> Ranking data to see top or bottom values
* Formatting Reports
-> Formatting documents
-> Formatting charts
* Calculating Data with Formulas and Variables
-> Explaining formulas and variables
-> Using formulas and variables
* Analyzing Data
-> Analyzing the data cube
-> Drilling in Web Intelligence documents
-> Setting Web Intelligence drill options
* Managing and Sharing Web Intelligence Documents
-> Exporting documents to the CMS
-> Logging into InfoView
-> Managing documents in InfoView
-> Viewing a Web Intelligence document in InfoView
-> Sharing Web Intelligence documents
-> Setting InfoView preferences
-> Describing Web Intelligence report panels
-> Logging off from Info View

Upgrade Management tool:

->Migrate from one environment to another
->Migrate users,reports,universes,Schedules from one environment to another

Query as a web service Designer:

->Creation of WSDL URL
Central Configuration Manager
->Server Maintence
->Enable/Disable, Starting/Stopping the BO Servers

Report Conversion Tool:

->Conversion of Deski reports to Webi reports

Xcelsius Course Content
Dashboard Design Tool(Xcelsius):

* Creating a Visualization
-> Producing interactive visualizations
-> Getting around in Xcelsius
-> Working with your Excel workbook
-> Visualizing data with charts
-> Using Xcelsius Components
-> Applying best practices for designing Visualizations
-> Distributing your Xcelsius Visualization
* Formatting a Visualization
-> Applying formatting options
-> Using themes and templates to apply formatting
* Adding Interactivity to a Visualization
-> Using selectors
-> Adding dynamic visibility
-> Troubleshooting interactivity
* Creating a Connected Visualization
-> Using live data sources
-> Connecting to data using an existing Web Service
-> Connecting to BusinessObjects Universes using Query as a Web Service
-> Connecting to Portal Data
-> Using Live Office data
-> Working with Business Requirements

Conducting Data Analysis
        Conduct Trend Analysis Using Combo Box 
        Conduct Demand Analysis Using Label Based Menu 
        Conduct a Region Based Demand Analysis Using Maps

Creating a Project Management Dashboard
        Drill down the Status of Current Projects Using the Drill down Function 
        Analyze Resource Efficiency Using Fisheye Picture Menu and Other Tools 
        Analyze Resource Utilization Using Combination Chart

Finalizing Dashboards
Create a Snapshot 
Publish Dashboards.

In Mavenitsolutions Training, We are providing SAP BO Online Training with real time industry experts. For more information please contact us. 

 Contact     :   +1- 609-957-5258 (USA)

E-Mail ID   :

Skype ID   :   mavenitsolutions


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