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chart of Depreciation to Company Code

chart of Depreciation to Company Code

Chart of depreciation consists of each of the devaluation locations in SAP. It allows you to handle the actual guideline of value associated with resources.

It really is defined with the client level. If you would like this to operate for the company code therefore it needs to be designated for your company code. So while in the starting point you will need to create company code after which assign it.

Sap has delivered some standard chart of depreciation areas which may be used by you actually or you'll be able to help make your own own with regards to it. Whenever you create with regards to the conventional one, SAP duplicates each of the depreciation areas inside it. You are able to delete those depreciation areas which aren't necessary for you.

You may create your depreciation chart by using transaction code EC08 or path; SPRO --> Financial Accounting àAsset Accounting àOrganizational Structure àCopy Reference Chart of Depreciation. To repeat it, double select “copy reference chart of depreciation “After which select “copy” icon While in the “From chart of dep.” and “To Chart of Dep” section enter in the chart of depreciation from where you would like to copy.

Press enter
Indicate a description

You will need to give a description with it. To accomplish this you may use transaction code EC08 or path;

SPRO àFinancial Accounting à Asset Accounting à Organization Structures à Copy reference chart of depreciation

Now alter the description accordingly.

Save it.
Determine chart of depreciation in your company code

Right after creation you will need to determine it for your company code. You are able to assign just one single COD towards your company code. A single COD are generally designated to a few companies code just one single company code cannot necessarily designated to one or more COD. To have it assigned you make use of transaction code OAB1 or path;

SPRO àFinancial Accounting àAsset Accounting à Organizational Structure à Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code

Right after attaining the actual preserve company code within asset accounting screen, assign it towards your company code.

The way to copy or even delete depreciation area within SAP

Whenever you duplicate a COD each of the devaluation areas are get copies by go into default. Followings are a couple of those depreciation areas (DA);


Cost accounting

Tax stability sheet

Specific tax depreciation for APC in financial declaration

Combined sense of balance sheet within neighborhood foreign currency

Combined sense of balance sheet in team currency

Investment assistance published in order to financial obligations

Investment support deducted from asset

You can delete these depreciation areas by choosing the delete button from your screen or you are usually planning about creating your own personal then you can definitely do therefore by choosing the copy button from your the surface of the screen.

You can copy/delete it by using transaction code EC08 or path;

IMG Menu Path: - SPRO à IMGàFinancial accounting à Asset Accounting àOrganizational structures àAssign chart of depreciation to company code
Transaction Code:


Step # 1:- Enter T Code SPRO while in the SAP Command area and click enter

Step # 2:- Choose SAP Reference IMG

Step # 3:- Follow the IMG menu Route and choose Determine Chart of Depreciation to Company codes

Step# 4:- Select Position increase company code

With regard to company code AD06 update Chart of Depreciation ADAR

Step # 5:- select save.


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