Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Web/Oracle NCA Replaying script issue

Problem detail:   We are working on an web/Oracle NCA script and we are facing an issue while replaying the same, after recording and correlate all know dynamic values and we try to run the script it is always failing on the connection line.

The error massage says:

Action.c(150): Error: nca_connect_server: cannot communicate with host ohrdev-ohrr12.corporate.ge.com on port 8018

We have also found that an automatic correlation is been always created and substituted somehow that we cannot see in the script code, the correlation is always:

web_reg_save_param("NCAJServSessionId", "LB=", "RB=", "Search=Noresource", LAST);

We need to set up a WebEx session with you in order to solve this asap as this is very urgent.

Please let me know when we can have the meeting and if you need any other information.

Problem Solution:   Regenerated the script in URL mode and for non-resources choose record in separate steps.

Then I had correlated NCAJServSessionId and also did other correlations.

Tried the runtime settings with different timer modes did not help in this case.

Then to finally get the replay working we had to make the following change to the Runtime Setting. Go to Client Emulation, and increase the Pragma-mode max retries to 50, and clear the "Enable Heartbeat" option within the Client Emulation settings.