Tuesday, 4 March 2014

we are unable to generate Vugen script for .wmv file (Video).

Problem detail: 

We are unable to generate Vugen script for .wmv file (Video). We are using Loadrunner Version 9.50. please contact us. So that we can do a net meeting.

Problem Solution:

After today's meeting and checking for all values correlated and getting successful replay's but not being able to upload the file, it does seem there is something that occurs during the selection and upload of the file for which Vugen WEB HTTP/HTML protocol is not allowed to do the upload and also trying Click and Script and not getting any code generated, it would be best to use different protocols.

1 option is the GUI protocol, which is a script generated in QTP that will record desktop events and can be replayed in the Controller. It does require a GUI license and this scripts consume a lot of resources.

Another option is to upgrade to LR11 and use the AJAX TruClient protocol, which is developed in firefox. This one records based on events displayed on the screen which include client side events.

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