Tuesday, 4 March 2014

we are planning to implement Performance Center with LoadRunner11

Problem detail:  

We are planning to upgrade our Loadrunner version from 9.1 to 11 and we are planning to implement Performance Center for loadrunner 11 also.

Could you please suggest that “what kind of licenses we need and system specifications” and all, so that we will contact our HP CoE team to get required information. Please provide some documentation for the same.

Problem Solution:

From license's point of view, Loadrunner is loadrunner, PC is PC, and they are two different products,

and they need different licenses.

1) Loadrunner 11 is quite similar with LR 9.x, it need a license on the controller, just like LR 9.x.

2) For ALM 11, it is different with PC 9.x, now it includes two major components:

a) QC 11 -- Also called ALM Platform.

b) PC 11 -- Also called ALM PC, it is similar with PC 9.x, '

As Oded mentioned in his email, you can either choose two options:

-- ALM license that will allow using ALM complete package (QC and PC)

-- ALM PC license

Do you need other information, like the system requirements of LR11 and PC 11?

If so, please refer to the installation guide of LR 11 and Application Lifecycle Management 11.00 Readme