Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Unable to work with Citrix application in LR 9.52

Problem detail:   

I am using LR 9.52. I tried recording a citrix application using (Web+citrix ICA) protocol. But no citrix events are recorded. (Once after Citrix_nfuse_connect all the tranx are found empty).

I tired in 9.5, 9.52 and LR 11 too. In all the cases we are facing the same problem

Kindly help me in understanding the issue.

Quick response on the same is highly appreciated.

Problem Solution:   - customer used java client -> tell customer this is not supported.

- asked customer to used full citrix client. Customer asked for workaround.

- found KM:

Using the Citrix XenApp Plug-in v12.1 (the full version -- not the "web" version)

It is supported with LR 11 patch 2.

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