Friday, 7 March 2014

Unable to view snapshot and server response in tree view

Problem detail:  


After recording a Sieble 8.1 application in LR11 installed in Windows 7 ( 32 bit) there is no snapshot or srever response visible in tree view section of the Vugen Script. Same script when validated in another machine with OS as Windows XP and LR11 details in tree view visible.


Application: Sieble 8.1
OS : Windows 7 ( 32 BIT)
Proptocol: Siebel- Web
LR Version:

Problem Solution:

 After a clean installation of LoadRunner 11 there are 3 important patches available so far. The patches are mandatory and should be installed by all LoadRunner customers. All patches are accumulative, that is, the newest one contains all of the previous ones. However due to issues with the uninstallation any of the first 2 (Critical or Patch 1) should be present before installing Patch 2. LoadRunner Critical Patch - LR_03014: KM999242
LoadRunner Patch 1 - LR_03017: KM1035229
LoadRunner Patch 2 - LR_03044: KM1088984

Patches for Load Generator systems (Windows OS): Load Generator Critical Patch - LRLG_00002: KM999240
Load Generator Patch 1 - LRLG_00003: KM1035228
Load Generator Patch 2 - LRLG_00005: KM1088990

Patches for Load Generator systems (Other OS)
Linux (RedHat)
Load Generator Patch 1 Linux - LR_03036: KM1036177
Load Generator Patch 2 Linux - LR_03057: KM1088983

Load Generator Patch 1 HP-UX - LR_03037: KM1036186
Load Generator Patch 2 HP-UX - LR_03058: KM1088982

Load Generator Patch 1 Solaris - LR_03038: KM1036183
Load Generator Patch 2 Solaris - LR_03059: KM1088981

Patches for VuGen 11 StandAlone VuGen SA Critical Patch - LRVUG_00002: KM999238
VuGen SA Patch 1 - LRVUG_00003: KM1035227
VuGen SA Patch 2 - LRVUG_00011: KM1088992

Patches for Analysis 11 StandAlone Analysis 11 SA Patch 1 - LRANLSYS_00002: KM1035232
Analysis 11 SA Patch 2 - LRANLSYS_00006: KM1088991