Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Unable to record the citrix application.

Problem detail:   

I tried recording a citrix application with LR (9.52 & 11) Using (Web and Citrix) Protocol.

But while recording No Cirtrix events are getting recorded.

While replaying We observing the below error Error: Your current Citrix client version is Please upgrade it to version 6.30.1060 or higher.

I even tried in LR11 with same protocol still we are facing the same Issue.

Please help me in this regard to resolve this issue.

Please try to reach me by any way (either Phone or mail which mentioned in my signature)

Your quick response would be highly appreciated

Problem Solution:   The client version 12.0 is supported installing patch 2 on LoadRunner 11, but ONLY for ICA connection, in your case you are using the JAVA client and this IS NOT SUPPORTED by any LoadRunner version, there is no workaround is a limitation, we ONLY support ICA client.

You only Choice is use ICA client version 10. X, 11.x or 12.0 and install patch 2 For LoadRunner 11