Friday, 7 March 2014

Unable to record a business flow in Vugen

Problem detail:  
I am trying to record a Business flow in Vugen 11.00 with IE 8 browser.

Manually the application is navigating fine but in vugen at various steps it is stucking and not going further.

Vugen versioin:11.00
Broser :IE8

Plesae suggest us ASAP on the same.

Early reply is highly appreciable.

Problem Solution:   here are some suggestions:

1) For LR 11, please ensure DEP is disabled on Windows machine

2) If it is Windows 2008, or Vista, or Windows me, please disable UAC ( User access control) as well

3) Are you able to record google website?

If google is ok, but you still hit issue with a specific website, you can use "protocol advisor" to check which protcol shouuld be used.

4) For LR 11, the latest patch is patch3, what is your current patch level?