Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Trying to get Java Agent Probe configured.

Trying to get java Probe Configured, in Windows environment.

Using Diagnostics 9. New installation.

Diagnostics server is not able to recognize any probe.

Solution:   The case was resolved by this KB --

"J2EE probe does not appear in Diagnostics Server Health View"

Content in above self solve document is as below.


- It is possible to connect to the Diagnostics Profiler web page.   The probe appears to be starting properly by the app server and can be seen in the profiler view.

- Connectivity between the probe server and the Diagnostics commander/mediator has been checked as follows and is OK:

- From the Diagnostics Server, via telnet it is possible to connect to the J2EE probe server on port 35000

- From the J2EE probe, via telnet, it is possible to connect to the Diagnostics server on port 2006 and 2612

- No errors appear in the probe log -- and no messages indication communication warnings or errors.

- It appears the probe is not communicating with the Diagnostics server.

- The proper Enterprise licenses were acquired to run the full Diagnostics J2EE probe.

NOTE: On the telnet port checks above, if a firewall is involved, the communications must allow bi-directional TCP/IP traffic (HTTP) between the probe and server, and all of ports 35000-35100 must be open.


The Diagnostic probe was not configured to run configured with the Diagnostics server (as a J2EE Probe).   It was set to run as a Profiler only.

After a Diagnostics probe is installed, the Java Agent Setup Module is presented allowing the probe to be configured to work with a Diagnostics server or as a stand-alone Profiler.   This step may have been missed during the initial setup -- by default, the probe will work as a stand-alone profiler and will not attempt communication with the server.

Evidence of this can be seen in the probe's etc/probe.config file.    If the active.products is set to "PRO" (Profiler-only) set it to "Enterprise" as per below and then restart the app server to restart the probe -- it should show up in the Diagnostics health view:

## The products that this probe should report to.#

# Possible values are:#

# Enterprise (for AM/AD BAC/LoadRunner/Performance Center)

# PRO (for HP Diagnostics Profiler ONLY)

# AD (for AD-only mode)#