Friday, 7 March 2014

Siebel Scripts are being failed when there is a code drop in to the instance.

Problem detail:  
We are using Load Runner 11.0 version to record siebel 8.0 application..

We developed our scripts and there were working fine in the Load Test. Now there is a code drop happened in to our environment..

After the code drop 30% of the scripts are failing now..

Is there any long term solution to resolve these issues each time there is a code drop. Please help us with the long term solution to debug these siebel scripts.

Problem Solution:   no response from customer --> sent customer the document

For non-OS390 back ends, there is a patch from the Siebel TAM
If the back end is an OS390, LoadRunner is able to record against the Siebel application using the DB2CLI application without the need for any patches from Siebel. However, if the back end is not a OS390, you need to obtain a patch from Siebel that needs to be installed. This patch allows LoadRunner to be used to record and replay scripts against a Siebel IBM DB2 UDB implementation.
Load test scripts can be developed using the Siebel Thin Client or the Siebel Dedicated Client once the patch is installed. This patch was developed, maintained and is distributed by Siebel. Mercury doesn't have this patch. To get the patch please contact your Siebel Technical Area Manager (TAM).
The correct versions of DLL provided by Siebel are as follows:
For Siebel 6.0.1, please use the SSCDDLR601.dll file. For Siebel 6.2.1, please use the SSCDDLR621.dll file. For Siebel 6.3, please use the SSCDDLR621.dll file. For Siebel 6.5, please use the SSCDDLR621.dll file. Also, you might need to modify a file named "fins.cfg" to load the DLL for Siebel 6.5. Contact Siebel for more information on this.
Once you have the patch from Siebel, follow these instructions to install it:

1. Copy the DLL into the Siebel\bin directory.

2. Open the configuration file associated with the Siebel launch executable.

In this case:
C:\siebel996\BIN\siebel.exe /c "c:\siebel996\bin\service.cfg"
3. Under the [Server] section, the DLL that would be used by Siebel needs to be specified. Once the Siebel application uses the above mentioned DLL the communication can be recorded using LoadRunner. You need to change DLL entry to appropriate DLL used by the Siebel version.

[Server] Docked = TRUE

ConnectString = SIEBUS

TableOwner = SIEBEL

DLL = sscddlr601.dll

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