Friday, 7 March 2014

(Sev2 Ctx) 4632830054---> Failto record citrix script

Problem detail:  

We want to record citrix script, but tried many remote machines, all are not working.
Please help on this.

Problem Solution:   As far as ctx recording, there are few important things that are MUST and we need to know your configuration details in order to START trouble shooting.

On the client machine (Vugen machine where you are trying to record)

1. What is the LR version. vugen--> help--> abt--> click on the details button. Look at the patches table and let us know of build # and patches you ahve.
Required: LR version 11 with 3 manadatory patches.

2. What is the OS on which vugen is isntalled.
Along with service pack level and bit level details (32/64 bit)
Start--> run--> type in winver

3. Do you have ctx client installed on the vugen machine?
If so what is the version of ctx client? you can verify in add/remove programs.
We support ONLY full clients. We DO NOT support web/java clients.

Clients version we support with LR 11

Citrix Presentation Server Client10.2 (Citrix has declared 10.2 Client "EOL“)-----------> I do not recomend
XenApp Plugin (Client) 11.0-------------------------------------------------------------------> "
Citrix Online Plugin 11.2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------->"
Citrix Online Plugin 12.0--> STRONGLY RECOMMEND, ANY VERSIONS 12.X

4. Is DEP disabled?
Please refer to

5. If you are planning to record multi protocol ctx+web, then we need to know the IE browser version.

6. what is the ctx web Interface version?

On the server side
1. What is teh ctx server version? verify in Add /remove programs.

Server version we support with LR 11

Citrix Presentation Server 4.0-----------> Do not recommend
Citrix Presentation Server 4.5-----------> "
Citrix XenApp Server 5.0----------------> Strongly recommend.

2. What is the OS of the ctx server? along with service pack and bit level details.
3. Verify that the DEP is completely disabled.
4. Do you have Ctx agent installed on teh ctx server?

Hope this infomration helps.
Please provide us the update on the above, so that we will start trouble shooting and let me know of any further quesitons.


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