Friday, 7 March 2014

Same scenario would not have the same result

Problem detail:  

before accpecting the case please note this case is very important for us and we need 24*7 support here. when you are accpeting the request please make sure we can get the 24*7 support.

the issue was found today and we were trying to execute the same scenario from QC on 2 machine's controller, on the 2 machines the script/LG/settings are the same because we are taking the same scenario file. but on one machine we would have around 50% users failed and on the other machine all the users can pass. we just have 32 users for this test which we beleive it should not be the issue from server side.

we would like to have a meething with HP for the issue we found

Problem Solution:   I am not able to reproduce this issue again. Today I tried to run the same scenario file on the same 142 machine. It is running fine without again issue.

Regarding you suggestion for upgrading all the servers to patch 3 we will let you know the result later.

Can you please try to keep working on the case and try to find out the root cause on this? I know this would be difficult but now we are not able to reproduce the issue again.