Monday, 17 March 2014

Romeoville Taxi - Cab in Romeoville IL

Taxi and Cab providers in Romeoville IL, Chicago:

Romeoville Taxi service providers for Transportation to O'hare Airport, Chicago Midway, downtown Chicago and as local Taxi cab Service in Romeoville, IL. 
Romeoville Taxi services companies that offer lowest flat rate Taxi cab service among all the Romeovillecab companies. For Transportation to O'hare Airport, Chicago Midway, downtown Chicago and as local Taxi cab Service in Romeoville. 
·         303 Taxi cab service  Romeoville: 847-303-0303
·         Alpha Taxi and Limo Service Romeoville: 847-358-6666
·         American Taxi Romeoville: 847-673-1000 
·         All Star Cab Romeoville: 847-658-1555

What is Romeoville, IL :

Romeoville Taxi - Romeoville is a city located 51 miles (82 km) northwest of Chicago in McHenry County, Illinois and is the county seat of McHenry County.[1] The population was 20,151 at the 2000 census. The 2010 census shows 24,770 residents. The city is the home of the historic Romeoville Opera House and Old McHenry County Courthouse. The city was named in 2007 as one of the nation's Dozen Distinctive Destinations 2007 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.Romeoville is the home to Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple, Founded in 2002 by Bhante Sujatha, an internationally recognized Sri Lankan Buddhist. It offers several guided meditations weekly as well as various other events related to Buddhism and Eastern traditions.

The above taxi providers will provide taxi's and cabs to Airports:

Romeoville Taxi to O’Hare Airport
Romeoville Taxi to Midway Airport
Romeoville Taxi to Chicago Loop                      
Romeoville cab- Romeoville taxi-Taxi service in Romeoville-Cabs in Romeoville.


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