Sunday, 9 March 2014

Need information doing scripting for application using protocol java over HTTP.

Problem detail:  

We have one application(Oracle Mobile).

For this application, for this application we have identified protocol as Java Over HTTP by using Analyzer.
I am new to this protocol. could you please help me how to proceed scripting using this protocol.

Please do the needful.

Problem Solution: My name is Cristian and I will be the engineer who is going to assist you with this incident.

About how to script for Java Over HTTP you can check the ftp below, it contains the HP Virtual User Generator User Guide, on chapter 23 it explains about the Java over HTTP protocol.

Also what we recommend you on this case is to contact the HP Education Team as they provide courses on how to record and work with our products. This as our support is break and fix methodology and the requested is out of our scope.

Please check the following FTP:


In this case the protocol you need to use for the recording is based on the communication protocol the application uses to communicate between client and server.