Tuesday, 11 March 2014

nca_connect_server: cannot communicate with host (Oracle server) on port 8840

Problem detail:   LR Version 11

Protocol - Web (Http/HTML), Oracle NCA

We are getting the following error-

vuser_init.c (166): Error: nca_connect_server: cannot communicate with host erpbiocap.health.ge.com on port 8840

We have scripted using web & NCA protocol and the scripts fails with the error mentioned above while connecting to the Oracle form server.


We have correlated the OAS & ICX_TICKET parameters

but we are facing the above mentioned error.  

Problem Solution:   I reviewed the script. I see that you have correlated NCAJServSessionId, but I see that you have modified the boundaries. This is correlated by default and the boundaries should not be modified.

Please do the follow:

1) Tools -> Regenerate script -> Options-> Recording

HTML based script-> HTML advanced

Choose the following options:

2) After you regenerate the script correlate ICX ticket

NCAJServSessionId will be automatically correlated. You have to replace the value with this parameter below (should be in "frmservlet" step)