Friday, 7 March 2014

LR11 with IE8 Browser Crashes in OracleWebApp11i GUI protocol (patchLR_03063 )

Problem detail:  

While trying to record our oracle apps application running on R12 using OracleWebApp11i GUI protocol, the browser crashes after launching the initial URL. Yesterday, we upgraded our IE to 8. We also applied LR11 patch LR_03063. That is the only change we did. We have disabled DEP on the recording machine
All accelerators in IE8 have been disabled. The machine is running on Windowz XP ver2002 SP 3.

I have attached the webex recording of the whole recording session. Please update what needs to be done.

Problem Solution:   The issue is resolved!!. While trying to record another business process using AJAX (Clickand script) protocol, we found that the GUI recording option

'REcord rendering property related values' option is the problem.

After disabling the above option in VUGEN, we are able to record the application in oracle web application 11i protocol!

Since we have started our scripting, we are unable to provide the process explorer logs for this.