Sunday, 9 March 2014

LR & HP DIAG 9 - J2ee graphs not found in LR Analysis

Problem detail:  

The J2EE/NET Diagnostic and J2EE/NET Server Diagnostic graph do not contain data in LR Analysis.

I'm running LR 11 and HP DIAG 9. In LR the J2EE Diagnostic Configuration is enabled and pointing to my java probe. In HP DIAG health check the probe is green with no errors in log file. The probe is instrumented and the parameters are in the JBOSS run.bat file.

When I run a test in the LR controller and click on the Diagnostic J2EE/NET tab I can see the VM heap info graph with data --all the other graphs are empty. When the test is done and I look in the analysis I do not have a j2ee/.net Diagnostic usage section in my summary and none of the j2ee graphs have any data int them.

The applicaiton is a web service with a JBOSS-5.1.0GA and database is MySql 5.5. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Problem Solution:   Hi - you can close this case. I figured out the issue. I had the instrumenter probe parameters in the wrong section of the jboss bat file. I placed them in the correct location. Started Jboss and ran a quick LR tests. All the J2EE graphs are now available.