Tuesday, 11 March 2014

LR 11 with Silverlight protocol is not recording all Silverlight flow and code.

Problem detail:   Client version 4 is supported, apps developed in ver. 4 supported in backward compatibility mode only.

I´m trying to make a performance test of an application that uses Silverlight 4, so I have tried to record the application flow with LR11 which I read has support for Silverlight, but when finish the recording I realize that there is not code recorded on many steps performed on Silverlight, so I need all flow or functionality recorded on script before proceed with the performance test to have a good and accurate testing.

Please help me on this and let me know if I need to install a patch or upgrade the version to 11.10 or something else. 

Problem Solution:   LoadRunner 11 fully support Silverlight versions 2 and 3. There is limited support for Silverlight version 4. Silverlight 4 Client is supported, however applications developed using the new communication features such as net.tcp binding are not supported.