Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Issues with Vugen-controller

Problem detail:   We are facing an issue trying to execute a load test for one application, when we check the page manually we are getting response times of 15 seconds, but when we run the script on VuGen or execute it from a Controller we are getting response times between 30 and 60 seconds.

we have tried with some protocols but it is always the same

Problem Solution:

Over the Web ex:

1. Oscar showed the high transaction response issue occurring from the LG's located in NY.

2. The same script is running fine with acceptable response times from the LG's of Cincinnati.

Action Plan:


1. As this issue is not with the LG's or Script. It’s something to do with the network latency from LG's f NY to Application Servers.

2. Also make sure there is no Firewall between LG's NY to Application servers.

3. Between Controller and LG's firewall is OK, but its mandatory that no firewall between LG and application Server.