Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Issues with Controller after installation

Problem detail:  

we have Installed Load Runner 11 on Windows 2007- 32 bit version without any errors...

But, when I tried to open the Load Runner Controller It says "Cannot Initialize driver dll. Existing ...."

We have re-installed the software but we are still facing the same issue.

Could you help us on this?



Problem Solution:  

For Windows 7, this can be caused by a couple of things:

1. UAC (User Account Control) - it must be disabled.

Start -> Click on the Avatar (The Profile Picture) -> Click on Change User Account Control Settings -> Select the Lowest level -> Click Ok and then reboot the machine.

If #1 above did not help, please try this:

2. Administrative token assignment:

For the controller to assign administrative token:

1)Navigate to <LR>/bin

2) Right click on wlrun.exe->Properties->Compatibility -> Check mark

"Run this program as an administrator"

Customer environment is Windows 7.Admin privileges are not properly assigned so , further configuration as suggested on the http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM1031863 resolved the issue