Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Issue in upgrading LR version from 8.1 FP4 to 11.0

Problem detail:  

We have upgraded the Loadrunner version from 8.1 with FP4 to 11.0.

We have scripts which were already developed in LR 8.1 version. When we tried to open the same in LR 11.0, we are facing the below issues.

1. Unable to edit the runtime settings.(Example: Runtime settings are not reflecting during replay, even we changed the iteration, Log setting and thinktime in RTS).

2. Unable to view the recording logs.

Please suggest...



Problem Solution:  

I’ve checked the script you’ve sent me. It seems that the script somehow was altered manually (i.e. not via VuGen) , thus some files are missing from it.

If you check the main script file, GLRAC_USER_ACTIVATION.usr, in the [Actions] section (which specifies all the script code files), you will see that the script is supposed to have 3 code files:




However the script has only vuser_init.c and combined_GLRAC_USER_ACTIVATION.c files – i.e. the files are not consistent with the [Actions] section.

I think here what should we do :

1. If you will rename combined_GLRAC_USER_ACTIVATION.c to Action.c

2. Next you need to create a vuser_end.c because it also missing. May be you can create a dummy one or you can open the script in LR 8.14 and see the content and recreate it.

Once you done above , now try to open the script.

The question is why the script alter manually. We don’t recommend this because it will have portability from version to version.

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