Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Failed to load the "LrwiSiebelCor relationWrappe r.dll"auto-correlat ioncallback

Problem detail:  

We are using Load Runner 8.1 Version to work on Siebel application.

When I run the script in controller machine I got the below error

"Failed to load the "LrwiSiebelCorrelationWrapper.dll" auto-correlation callback library. The specified module could not be found"

Please assist me in this.

Problem Solution: Regarding this case with 8.1LR which has a problem with Siebel related to correlation DLL during the scenario run -- the problem is likely due to missing DLLs on the load generator side:

Please ensure the same DLLs used in the VuGen replay are on the LG as well.

Please see KB below for Siebel tips and tricks -- the 8X word document attached to the following KB for more info -- note only the 8X document applies:

Some specific things:

The below is from the KB:

The Microsoft C Runtime Library is needed for replay of Siebel-Web scripts

Msvcr70.dll is a module containing standard C library functions and is a part of the Microsoft C Runtime Library. Copy the msvcr70.dll into the <LoadRunner/Performance Center>\bin and the windows\system32 directory on the VuGen and Load Generator machine.

Ensure that the Siebel Correlation Library ssdtcorr.dll, is available to all Load Generator machine under <LoadRunner/Performance Center>\bin folder