Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Facing issue while recording script of CITRIX application

Problem detail:   I have VuGen 9.50 & I am trying to record the script of citrix application 10.20. But while recording the citrix application is not being launched. Please suggest me to fix this issue. It would be better if someone can schedule a meeting with virtual room between 3:30 am EST to 1PM EST. I am available in the above time.

Problem Solution:   Correlation should be used.

Regarding the case, I consider that you should try to correlate the session token by using that function:

web_reg_save_param("SessionToken", "LB=SESSION_TOKEN\" value=\"", "RB=\">", LAST);

Please, insert that function just before web_url("silentDetection.aspx" on line 36.

This correlation should capture the session token sent from the server in the body response.

Please, replay the script and let me know what the result was.