Friday, 7 March 2014

Demantra PoC (JavaOverHTTP) - couldn't decode request/respon sefrom body message

Problem detail:  


We are verifying whether loadrunner can support performance testing of DEMANTRA JAVA application deployed and delivered now as part of oracle apps ERP suite.

Following case 4631936119, we tried to record Demantra application using java over http protocol and we were successful partially in our recording. Recording completed without any problems but in all the web_custom_requests, the binary body is still there. It is not convered to the relevant XML/JAVA CALLs.

we see the message 'Couldn't decode request/response from body'. Before this, we recorded the application using web html andfound out the jar files used by the application. We then downloaded the jar files and provided them in the classpath for recording. Even after that, the communicatin between demantra client and server is recorded as binary text only.

- webex shoot of the business process in demantra client
- java over http script created during recording.

WE also would like to know whether loadrunner can support the automation of demantra client that is now part of oracle apps ERP suite.

Problem Solution:  
- Explained about DFE feature available in LR11
- Explained about the SDK to build new extensions in DFE
- Selva will contact the vendor and update us if any further assistance required.