Thursday, 13 March 2014

Analysis Issue

Case Details:

Today the controller takes more than 2 hours to collect results and we are facing issue during generating analysis file.

The error message is: Analysis Error log: <12/14/2011 3:46:35 AM>
Error 75011: in file E:\GAPC Team Files\Genpact\Patrick\Colleague\colleague_121311_round1\colleague_121311_round1.lrr the Start_time is 0

Please let us know if there is any solutions for this

Problem Solution:

Provide information related related with Analysis issue;
All this can generate issue with the final results and because of this we recommend to generate the results manually. This is a common practice when the collation process is not working correctly and we recommend this in order to get the final results; below you will have the article related with this process:

Manual collation of result set data

Please check this information and try to run the collation process in your site; after this try to get the analysis results and let me know any outcome.

For more information check case journal.