Friday, 7 March 2014

Analysis is missing sum_dat.ini file

Problem detail:  

We are facing the issue with the LR Analysis 11.03.It is giving an error while opening the LRA file in analysis. Also it fails to open the analysis file itself after the load test.

Error message: Parse command line error: data type mismatch in criteria exception.

Operating system Information
Windows XP Professional
Version 2002 and service pack 3.

Load Runner Information
LR Version:
Installed patches 11.00 Patch1,11.00 Patch2, 11.00 Patch3.

Problem Solution:   I have tried the option of using generate summary data and storing the results on a shorter path but doing this the following events are occurring.

1.If we try to open an load runner result file by going through the file>open option, it gives a white blank page in analysis file.
Also, if i try to open the load runner result (lrr)file by double clicking it, then it throws parse command line error.
2.If we try to open the analysis file , it throws an SQL query error and then it opens the analysis file.

And if we try with the default options
1.If I try to open the Load runner result file by going to File>open >LRR file , it gives a white blank screen on Analysis window.
2.If I try to open the LRR file with double clicking the LRR file , it throws the parse command line error.

So in a nutshell , we are able to open the analysis file with an SQL query error coming first. Also we are not able to open the LRR file anyways.

About that MSDE or SQL server installation from add-ins , I am in touch with the respective teams and will let you know after we are done with the add-in installation and restart.