Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Additional dlls required for correlating Seibel & Oracle ERP applications

Problem detail:  

We have installed / upgraded the existing LoadRunner version to LR 11.0 recently.

We have just done a default installation of all LR 11.0 applications. We haven't applied any patches or feature packs so far.


Please let us know if we need to update any Dlls (.dll files)in order to make sure that the Seibel and Oracle ERP applications are properly correlated, and we don't face any correlation issues.

Also provide us any patches / feature packs to be installed to support scripting and execution of Seibel and Oracle ERP applications.

Problem Solution:

 LR11 needs two patches to be applied immediately (mandatory) in the order below:

1. LoadRunner 11 Critical Update:

2. LoadRunner 11 Critical Patch 1:

On the patches above:


- Note that these are specific to LoadRunner (the full installation) - not the "standalone" components like VuGen or Load Generator which have different installers.

- It is a good idea to reboot after the first patch, test the basic LR functionality to ensure the patch was installed correctly, before installing the second patch (and then rebooting after the second patch).

On Siebel - depending on your Siebel version, you will need to inquire with Oracle/Siebel about the Siebel correlation libraries used since HP does not produce those.

What version of Oracle ERP/EBusiness suite do you have?

Here is a KB which has a correlation file for Oracle E-Business suite R12, please consider it if it applies to your Oracle product:

On the general subject of Siebel correlation in LR11, it is basically the same. In the VuGen users guide we mention you need to contact Siebel for their correlation DLL:

Correlation library

To assist you with correlation, Siebel has released a correlation library file as

part of the Siebel Application Server version 7.7. This library is available

only through Siebel. The library file, ssdtcorr.dll, is located under the

siebsrvr\bin folder for Windows and under siebsrvr/lib for UNIX


Other than the correlation file (.cor file) provided with the KB for Oracle EBS R12, I am not aware of a DLL/libary for Oracle applications like there is for Siebel -- but please check with Oracle on this too.