Tuesday, 18 February 2014

winsock protocol is recording too many events

Winsock protocol is recording too many events

Problem Details:- My application uses TCP/Ip protocol for communication.It a window based application. I am using Winshock as the protocol as it is the only available protocol to record.
while recording simple log in function some 865 buffer is getting generated .ALL the received buffers are encrypted and varying in length withe every new session.
Can you please tell me how to handle this situation .How can I correlate all this buffer?
if you login to my computer by web ex it will be best so that i will be in a good position to tell you the problem
Problem Solution:-  Hope you are fine. I honestly think that the Winsock protocol is the last protocol to used. You really need to understand the buffer , the correlation part and the application in order to successful to record and replay with Winsock. Back to your question on how to correlate the Winsock, please check out this KM : http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM893236

Hope you are fine. To be honest , we are bug fix team rather than implementation team. If you have any issue with the product (bug , features ) which not working then we are more than happy to help. I personally think winsock is not a way to go unless you know the application inside out. If not , then better used Citrix protocol.