Thursday, 20 February 2014

Web Trust Case:We are experiencing the Issue while scripting using Vugen 11.0

Problem Details:- Application: Oracle
Protocol Used: Oracle web application 11i

Steps to reproduce:
1.Start recording the application using "Oracle web application 11i" Protocol. Protocol

Adivsor suggested the said protocol.
2.When we navigate to the business transaction in the application.

Un Expected behavior:

Load Runner hangs up and the recording is not completed. We need to force quit the Load runner recording

Expected bhevior:

Recording should be completed without any issues.

Problem Solution:- 
For us better understand your problem, please record your issue using WebEx recorder and send the recording to me.
1. Launch the WebEx Recorder application.
2. Go to File -> Open Application from the menu in the WebEx Recorder window.
3. Select “windows Desktop”from the “WebEx Recorder-Open Application”dialog.
4. Choose a file name and location to save the recording to. The file extension is .wrf (WebEx Recording File).
5. Clear the “record Audio”checkbox in the “recorder Panel.”
6. Click on the “record”button in the “recorder Panel.”
7. Record your business process
8. Click on the “top”button in the “recorder Panel.”
You can get the WebEx Recorder from the following link:

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