Tuesday, 25 February 2014

We are not able to record a citix appication

Problem detailISSUE:
Issues recording Citrix application. Current status : Customer is trying to record a published application via Citrix Single Protocol script via ICA file.

NOTE : VuGen recordings starts fine and citrix client is shown but disappears in a couple of seconds ( with or without VuGen ) >> If credentials are given quickly in Windows Logon part on Citrix Client, then IE window is launched ( seamless mode ) without VuGen. While recording, Application is never shown.

LoadRunner 11 all patches installed ( Critical, 1, 2 and 3 ).
Windows XP SP3 32-bit
Client : "Citrix online plug-in - web" 12.1 ( supported according to expert ).
Server : Citrix version 4.5
* Registry patch was applied according to customer, and citrix client is launched upon recording without issues.

- Provided supportability matrix for Citrix environments.
- Using single protocol script with ICA file that launches manually.
- Process explorer >> showing multiple DLLs including antivirus ( pending upload from customer ).

- Disable DEP Settings completely
- Disable or create exceptions in LoadRunner SW from the Sophos Antivirus
- Disable Seamless mode

- Able to record Citrix BP with LoadRunner

We are trying to record a citrix application, but vugen is failing to launch the citrix part.

Problem SolutionCustomer installed proper client and configuration was done as suggested, able to record successfully