Thursday, 27 February 2014

We are getting TE_wait_cursor error while running the test

Problem detail:   We are working for Oracle-Mobile Supply Chain application. For this we are using protocol as RTE(Terminal Emulation).
we have inserted TE_wait_cursor( int col, int row, int stable, int timeout ); function to Waits for the cursor to appear at a specific location in the terminal window.
In script we have given TE_wait_cursor( Col,Row,3000,90); values. For the Col and Row values we are dynamically capturing and placing in the above function.

While running the test we have observed that once the users are in to the application. we are receiving the TE_wait_cursor error. due to this users are aborting.
Kindly help us to resolve the issues.
Please treat this as very critical and urgent.

Problem Solution: Upgrade to LR11SP3 RTE Vuser how-to and troubleshooting guide