Tuesday, 25 February 2014

We are facing the Issues while Running the LoadTest for a Citrix Application

Problem detailWhile we are running the Load test for a Citrix Application, we are facing the issues. Below are the deatils,

The Total Concurrent userload used for this test is 20 users, wil 20 Unique User-ID's. When we are running the Load test, after reaching 20 concurrent users & running for 5 to 10mins test is getting failed due the users stucking on the previous windows, by throwing the Error "Sync on WIdow failed".

We has asked application team to settup the connection setting as per the best partices he have on HP Knowledge base. But, these does not helped much. Below are the Load Runner Veriosn deatils & CitRix Applicatio Deatils,

loadRunner deatils:
LR VersionL: 11.0
IE Version: 7, 8.

Citrix Server Details:

Citrix application version 4.5 with Rollup pack 6.
Server OS: windows server 2003 R2 x64 standard.
Citrix web client version 12.x.

Please let us know best possible setting that can be considered during the Citrix load test.

Problem Solutionwhen you run a load test scenario based on an specific amount of time, it may start new iterations for each Vuser, this means the user IDs will be used again. I’m wondering if this would cause an issue with the unique IDs