Thursday, 20 February 2014

Unable to genarate script using flex protocal

Problem Details:- Application is developed using BlazeDS server, I have added the flex-messaging-common.jar, flex-messaging-core.jar files in the Recording Options > Flex > Externalizable Objects node, select
Serialize objects but still we are getting the follwong error.

Description Details:
Externalizable read object failed: Exception Occurred while invoking TestObject method - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

Call stack can be found in Code Generation log.
READ/WRITE validation of object failed. The validation process reads and writes the request message using the provided Java classes.

Recommended Operation Details:
Add the jar file / folder that contains the missing class to the classpath in Recording Options > Flex >Externalizable Objects and regenerate script.

Problem Solution:-  Following are the links to Patch 1 & 2. Please install lPatch 1 and then install patch 2.
Patch 1 -
Patch 2 -

After installation the patches, please verify and let me know how it goes.

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