Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Too many dynamic values using Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol

Problem detailWe are trying to debug some scripts that have to many dynamic values using Web(HTTP/HTML) protocol and we are having several problems to get the scripts done; so the question is if there is another way or another protocol that we can use to avoid getting most of those dynamic values.

Problem Solution: After some discussions with internal group. They suggested to do the following:

1. Customer is using Viewstate - Uploaded Viewstate_Cor_NEW.rar with the case.
Suggest customer to unzip and import .cor file in Vugen
Vugen -> Recording options -> Correlation -> Import the .cor file.

2. Regenerate the script after uploading correlation rules.
Then replay and see if that helps.
3. If it still sees replay issues,
a. 2 set of zipped script folder replayed with all extended logs enabled.
Two script allows us to verify if any further dynamic values that require correlation.
4. Make sure you have applied patches and using latest LR 11.3 version.

5. Also try using web C&S protocol and see if it helps correlate dynamic values.
Check if the application can work with Firefox to suggest to use TruClient protocol.

Please record the application using the following included settings in the video file.

Let me know your findings after the changes applied.

If the file cannot be attached please download it from the Ibackup:

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