Friday, 21 February 2014

Problem in installing LoadRunner11

Problem  Details:- I downloaded the two files

I am trying to install loadrunner but I am unable to unzip the folders and continuously getting the files as "corrupt files" error.

Note:Both these files are in the same directory.
Please provide the resolution ASAP.I would be grateful


Problem Solution:- Navigate to the support portal:
Click on "Downloads" tab
Click on "Demos and Downloads"
Enter your HP Passport credentials when needed.
You will have visibility to LR 11 (and other) downloads, if you have support for LoadRunner 11 as part of your HP Support Agreement Identifier (SAID) -- HP SAIDs can be configured in the HP Passport Profile.
Procedure to download:
1. Copy both (1,561,470KB) and Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013.z01 (1,843,200KB) files under same folder.
When both of them are downloaded, you should be able to see the files as
Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013.z01 - When try to download this file, it still saves as by default and might replace original - Make sure to save this file as .z01
2. Using winrar, extract the .zip file (> It will automatically refer to z01 file as well.
3. This will create .iso file ( file size 4,212,288KB).
4. Use Winrar to extract the s/w from iso file (Requires another 4+ GB of space).
5. Double click on setup.exe under the main folder for installation.
6. Same applies for ALM and PC downloads.
7. Make sure to have adequate space.