Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Please helps us to close the Siebel session

Please helps us to close the Siebel session

Problem Details:- We did the script using multi protocol (CITRIX_ICA, Web (http/html) but its not helpful to close the hanging session of Siebel application.

We used the following steps to close the siebel session:

One is close the browser by click ‘X’ in the right corner

Second is close the browser by File -> Exit method.

Third is close it by using Alt + F4 combination key.

Please suggest us to close the Siebel application.
Problem Solution:-  The Citrix script you sent me is incomplete.

Please go to run-time settings->general->log->extended log->check 3 boxes->replay the script.
Apply correlation.

Go to file->zip operations->export to zip file and send us that file.

For internal documentation of the case, please provide us with the next information:
- LR version and patch version (start->programs->loadrunner->loadrunner->help->about loadrunner).
- OS and Service Pack, 32bits or 64bits.
- Web Browser version.
- Citrix Server version.
- Citrix Client version.

I could see you are working with LR9.50 – No Patches.
LR9.50 does support Citrix Client 10.20 (a patch should be installed).
LR9.50 does support Citrix Server Metaframe 4.5

Install patch for Citrix Client 10.20
ftp://canaca:!SJ8ej+J@ftp.usa.hp.com/ LR9.50 – Patches/
File Name: LR_00671 Citrix 10x patch

Install SP1 and SP2 for LR9.50
- LR_03009 - SP1.zip
- LR_03012 - SP2.zip

Restart computer.

Ensure Citrix Agent has the same version as the Citrix Server.
Also take a look into the attached HP article { KM758883}.
Installing Citrix Agent on Citrix Server will enjoy the new object sensitive support. These objects will be identified by their location. The following new functions are supported if the Citrix agent is installed on the server:

a. Recording of ctrx_obj_mouse_click instead of ctrx_mouse_click. This function will include a description of the object that the user is clicking on. The description will include object text and its class.
ctrx_obj_mouse_click("<text=OK class=Button>", 194, 163, LEFT_BUTTON, ...

b. Recording and replay of ctrx_get_text in order to retrieve text at a certain location inside the Citrix client. To perform a text check during recording, simply click on the icon highlighted below on the recording toolbar.

After clicking on the icon the cursor will turn into a crosshair. Highlight the text that you wish to check during replay. This will insert the ctrx_get_text function into the script.

c. Replay of ctrx_obj_get_info. The following attributes are supported:
• CHECKED - for radio buttons & check boxes.
• LINES – number of items at list/combo box.
• ITEM – select item at list/combo box.

d. Replay of ctrx_sync_on_obj_info – This function will wait for an object to get an attribute before proceeding to the next step. The attributes that are supported are the same as ctrx_obj_get_info.

e. Replay of ctrx_list_select_item.

f. Replay of ctrx_menu_select_item.

Let me know if after to apply this configuration your Citrix script is working fine.

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