Friday, 28 February 2014

Not able to record through VUGen Ajax tru client protocol

Problem detailWhen I try to record the script using Ajax tru client protocol i am not able to record, but when i try to open the URL which I want to record in Firefox its opening the URL, but if i try the same thing to record the script by opening the URL I am getting server not found error.

Can you please assist in why I am facing this issues while recording while the URL itself is opening in Firefox when i go manually without using VUGEN.

Problem Solution: I think the issue is with the proxy setting. Can you do this:

How to Set Proxy Values for all the Ajax TruClient Scripts LoadRunner launches Firefox in a temporary profile every time a script is opened for development.
To make the proxy settings available across all these profiles please use the global profile settings.
To do this:
• Open VUGen.
• Open an Ajax TruClient script.
• Go to Tools > Ajax TruClient Browser Options… • In the dialog that opens (“Ajax TruClient Browser Configuration”), select the Proxy tab and define the appropriate Proxy settings.
• In the script, open the Run-Time Settings dialog and then select the General > Other Settings node.
• In the Proxy selection node select the “Use global proxy settings” option. This will make sure that every time the script is opened for development the proxy settings are refreshed from the Ajax TruClient Browser Options.
The Run-Time Settings also enable defining specific proxy settings for each script.