Friday, 21 February 2014

LR need urgen assistance

Problem Details:- 9.5 Loadronner
Operatin System:
Problem: windows 7 professional
can not install the product need urgent assistance
they want the version 9.5

Problem Solution:-  Regarding your question you can download it from here

FTP System: (

Login: rodl_91x

Password: r+QA7mm+ (NOTE: CASE-sensitive)

FTP Access:


Also you may need to know that LR 9.5x doesn’t support windows 7 if you want to use windows 7 you may need to use LR 11

More Information:-

Also you can try to download it from the SSO page, there is the information to download the files:
To download the LoadRunner Application please use the following link:
Use the link under the Trial Software, this software is trial because include a trial license, However after a permanent license is install the software is completely functional.
the file you will download, is an ISO file this means a digital image of DVD, and it does not open by double click the file, the option in this case is to use a software to load the file and be
able to execute the information inside the image.

There are different software to read the ISO files the following are two possible options that you may use read the ISO file:
1. Virtual CloneDrive [ ]
2. DAEMON Tools [ ]

And then please download and apply this patch.
LoadRunner 9.51 Patch
LoadRunner 9.52 Patch

Or we can create a case with the software delivery team and they can send you the physical DVD but we don’t know how long is going to take to receive it .

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