Friday, 21 February 2014

LR 11 windows

Problem Details:- LR 11
customer is trying to get help to download the LR because because it seems to be locked , coz he thinks he downloaded half of it since it asked for second file

Problem Solution:-  install the patch that is for the complete LR suite

Critical update

Critical Patch update 1

Critical Patch update 2

Is a pleasure help you and support your process.

More Information:-

My name is Alfredo Diaz, from HP Load runner department, and I’m going to help you
With your issue since this moment, please feel free to ask, describe information or
Contact me.

LR 11 that you can download from the following links and in the moment
to run the Vuser on the controller please call directly to the HP Licensing department at 1-877-837-8457 option 2
And they should help you with the require license.

Please download the LR 11 version from the following
link and as attachment you will be able to find the installation guide.

In order to unzip the file please follow these steps

1. Save all the files in the same folder.
2. Download Winzip tool from this link.
3. Using Winzip please start stracting the file named as, through the
unzipping process it should ask for the next file in a consecutive order
(.z01,.z02,.z03,…) or it even can do it without ah confirmation by winzip software.
4. The .iso file contains just the stand alone LoadGenerator and it can be uncompressed
with winrar software with just making right click over the file.

If you get any error with the previous link please try to download the
file from the following FTP.
You need to store all the files in the same folder.


If you are having problems logging on the FTP please try using the following site and user
password credentials described below

FTP System:
Login: lrv11
Password: LoadRu11

If you are not able to use any of the two provided download links the best option
would be to directly contact the HP Software upgrade department and request the LR 11
media, they can provide you physical or downloadable media from different places.
You can call to 1-877-837-8457 option 2 and request the media.