Friday, 21 February 2014

Load Runner Error Recording NCA Oracle

Problem Details:- Im trtying to run a script that recorded a web application using Oracle components, I used Oracle NCA protocol along with web html when is running the Oracle components part, it will show me the following

Action.c(111): Error: nca_edit_press("933") failed, Window or object is not displayed.
The window currently in focus: "Error".
The last popup/alert message received: "stop - Cannot complete applications logon. You may have entered an invalid applications password, or there may have been a database connect error."

I was told by a previous agent that I had to record the script using this parameter "?record=names" to record objects names instead of objects IDs, which is doing, but I had no success using this whatsoever. I would like some assistance on this matter as soon as it could possibly be.

Problem Solution:-  Could you please provide us with the following information?

• Are there other HP products installed on the machine (exact versions?),

• The different patches installed on the machine (“Start”>”Programs”>”Mercury LoadRunner”>”LoadRunner”>”Help”>”About LoadRunner”), save and
send us the htm file (e.g. LoadRunnerInfo.htm),

• Operating system (Service Pack? 32/64 bits?),

• Disable any Firewall and antivirus running,

• Set the Data execution prevention settings as AlwayOff;

• The script and the extended log

Please follow the steps below:
• Modify the Run Time Settings (Select Log > Check the box “Enable Logging” > Select “Always Send Message” > “Extended Logs” > Check
the boxes “Parameter substitution”, “Data returned by server” and “Advanced trace”),
• Replay the script,
• Zip the whole related script directory (File > Zip Operations > Export to Zip File),
• Attach the file to the incident.

• A screenshot of any error message displayed.

• Record your business process.
1. Launch the WebEx Recorder application.
2. Go to File -> Open Application from the menu in the WebEx Recorder window.
3. Select “Windows Desktop” from the “WebEx Recorder-Open Application” dialog.
4. Choose a file name and location to save the recording to. The file extension is .wrf (WebEx Recording File).
5. Clear the “Record Audio” checkbox in the “Recorder Panel.”
6. Click on the “Record” button in the “Recorder Panel.”
7. Record your business process
8. Click on the “Stop” button in the “Recorder Panel.”
You can get the WebEx Recorder from the following link:

Please upload the information in the next FTP site:

I’m the engineer with this case. I’ve taken everyone else off the CC since they are not involved.

Once I have the script with full extended logging as Oscar asked, I will be able to make some progress.

Also I need to know the version of Oracle (app server, forms server, etc) involved.

The issue is probably in the web part, where likely a dynamic variable needs to be correlated.

More Information:-

The FTP below is associated with the case. If you have any issues with it I can make a web-based share (please let me know):

User: SC046114
Pass: +CI6cu+D

i’m attaching the files that were asked.

For the previous questions:

There’s only HP Business Process Monitor 8.04 and VuGen 9.50 installed in the machines

There’s no Mercury LoadRunner Version is HP and there’s no menu for HP LoadRunner in Start menu can you share the path in which I can get the Load Runner file?

Windows XP SP 3

Due to business process rules we are unable to disable antivirus and firewall.

I’m attaching the script to the URL given, result3 folder comes from the last execution using all Log options.

I also attached the error on I’m getting in VuGen.

More Information:-

Comments, suggestions, or feedback? Please email my manager:

HP Software Support values your thoughts and ideas regarding your overall Software Support experiences. Please contact us anytime at to share your comments.

You will also have the opportunity to complete an online survey upon closure of each support case. The survey will provide additional information and will help us to continue to improve your support experience so please take a few minutes to complete the survey should you receive one.

“Questions about SW Support Tools & Resources or how to effectively log a support case? - Please go to HP Software Support Handbook or SSO Online Tutorial”


More Information:-

I can’t see any scripts attached to the case – or to your e-mail. If you sent by e-mail, they may have been removed by outlook server.

Can you use case manager to add attachments? You can add .zip attachments right to the case if you can use case manager (the tool you use to log the case).

In VuGen, you can use “Help|About” and then “Details” to show the full VuGen version (please send a screen dump of the whole details screen).

Once I have the scripts I will know more.

If you have troubles sending the scripts to the case or by email let me know and I will setup another way.

More Information:-

I’ve not yet got the data I requested.

Here is an alternate to emailing scripts or attaching them to the case:

If you use the above, please email me again when you have finished uploading to iBackup as I don’t get any notification you have uploaded something.

More Information:-

customer's fix:

The objects couldnt be found and they were recorded only with id, also they appeared as popups, the value that we needed to record was not replayed for it wouldnt capture the pop up so we added the value that we needed to replay in the same line as this:

nca_edit_set("933", "CLOSED");

With this, will replay the same value that the pop up will thow


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