Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Issues with Dynamic values

Problem detailWe are facing issues with a web(http/html) script we are not able to catch the dynamic values on the script.

we are getting the values on the Reply/Generation Log of the script but when we try to create a correlation for it, the script is always failing.

Problem SolutionI understand you are having issue with Dynamic data in the script. Correlation requires additional script customization and we can give you some tips for this, documentation and also verify the error. Script customization is not our scope as a support group and is something you must understand from our end.

Let me know the error you are getting during the script reply or a copy of the script.

My recommendations for this are the following:

1. You can enable automatic correlation in order to handle a series of standard values; under recording option you can find a list of correlation rules for this.

2. If automatic correlation does not work the next step will be using you own correlation rules; but for this you require a deep knowledge of the application under test and previous correlation.

3. For manual correlation:

a. Make sure to have two scripts with same recording option, same business process (including same steps).
b. Enable full logs
c. Reply both script will let you compare the content during recording/reply and is a start point when you need to find data that is changing all the time.

4. Additional protocols like web/Ajax (Click and Script) or Tru Client are design to skip correlation in most of the case.

Check this information and let me know any outcome.