Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Issues running QTP scripts on Controller

Problem Details:- We are facing issues trying to execute some QTP scripts in a Controller Scenario.

The script is running fine manually but when we try to run them in a controller the script is failing.

Problem Solution:-  Please consider the following requisites to run QTP script in the controller

-Controller must have the GUI license installed
-Each Load Generator can run only 1 GUI vuser
-Each Load Generator must have installed QTP and the client side application recorded (Make sure the script runs fine from QTP locally on each Load Generator)
-Load Generators Agents must be running as process and not as service

If your environment meet all those prerequisites, the please provide a more detailed explanation and a screenshot of the error displayed

Question:- We met the requirements which you have given about the contoller and load generator and now the sisue we facing is the add in issues, we are running script using .net and visual basic as an addins but while we run in controller its failing as its selecting the addin back to ActiveX which we dont need for our application, could you pelase advice on what we should do with this issue.

Answer:- Yes, the problem is caused because the path of the result folder is too long, Windows has a limitation for UNC paths that makes the folder/files nested in a path longer that 6 levels not readable, same limitation if the entire path is longer than 256 characters, your path

C:\temp\brr_ nbcuni.ge.com_2.map

YAR.741\netdir\i\eventbuilder\results\05142011\5vu_1iter_smoke_test_allboxes_agentprocess_3\nueclqtpxvm10. Is just too long, modify in the environment variables of Controller and Load Generators the TEMP and TMP path to something shorter, something like C:\temp, and the path for the results from controller as well.