Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Getting 404 error when run the scritps at Controller

Problem  Details:- Vugen scripts replayed successfully, but when we ran the scripts in Controller getting 404 errors and some business transactions got failed.
We have used LR v 9.50 with Windows.

Problem Solution:-  My name is Vicky and I will be assisting you on this service request. In order to troubleshoot the case and since you are running LR 9.50 no patches (according to the description of the case) you will have to install the mandatory patches on top of LR 9.50, in order to move forward.

The patches can be downloaded from here:
LoadRunner 9.51 patch
HP Software Knowledge Document KM750376 (http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM750376)

LoadRunner 9.52 patch
HP Software Knowledge Document KM793318 (http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM793318)

Once the patches has been installed please record the script again (or regenerate the same), replay the script (with full extended logs) for more than 1 iteration in Vugen and confirm that the replay has been executed with success, if so please move to the controller and execute the scenario (extended logs are required) and let us know (in case the problem shows up again) the following:

1) What is the type of Vuser you are running?
2) How many scripts are you running in the controller?
3) How may Vusers are run in the scenario?
4) After how many Vusers running in the scenario, do you see this error?
5) Is this error occuring with 1 Vuser in the Controller?
6) What is the CPU Utilization and memory usage on the Controller and the LoadGenerators when this error occurs?
7) How many LoadGenerators are used in the scenario? Is the error showing up when using localhost?
8) Are the version of Controller and LoadGenerators the same?
9) I would like to confirm are you running vuser as process or thread , you can confirm this from Run time settings ->Miscellaneous-> under Multithreading
Running Vuser as thread consumes less memory as compared to process. You can then try running them as a thread if you had them as a process.
10) Is hypertherading enabled on the Controller and LoadGenerator machines? If so you may want to disable it since LR does not support this feature.

Please upload to the ticket the following:

1- Script folder: please run the script with full extended logs by checking all 3 options under Run-time settings->Log-> Extended Logs.
Please zip up the whole folder (File->Export to Zip file) and send it to us at your convenience.

2- Controller results folder: please run the scenario in the Controller with full extended logs by changing the Controller Run time settings and checking:
a- "Always Send messages"
b- All 3 options under Run-time settings->Log-> Extended Logs
Next zip up the whole controller results folder and send it to us at you convenience.
You can get the results folder path by going to Results->Results Settings from the controller menu.

FTP Information:
username: SC043918
password: +PZ9cx}N