Thursday, 20 February 2014

Failed to Initialize Reason Time Out Error in LR 11 controller during execution

Problem Details:- I am getting "Failed to Initialize Reason Time Out" Error message for any oracle script while doing execution. Machine is updated with a valid license.

Tryed to execute test with local host as generaton and a remote machine too but issue still persist.

I reverified same scripts in another machine having controller and there they are working fine with same LR11.

Issue Controller Details:
Build: 1617
Script Protocol: Oracle NCA+Web ( HTTP/HTML)

Problem Solution:-  Look at what is done in the vuser_init section

1. If remote Load Generators are being used, the script is transferred from the Controller to a remote Load Generator during the initialization stage. If there is any problem in locating the script or transferring it, this error could come up.

2. If there are any extra files like parameter files, header files, etc. that are not transferred to the remote machine, this error could arise.

3. There is a time-out of 180 sec for the init stage in which the vuser_init section of the script is executed. If the vuser_init section takes longer than 180 seconds to execute, this error could arise.

To increase the time-out value:
1. In the Controller, go to Tools -> Options -> Timeout tab.
2. Select "Enable timeout checks."
3. Increase the Vuser -> Init time-out to a larger value.

This is a knowledge base article for a known issue:

More Information:-

Based on the information provided in the case, I suggest to install LR11 patch 3: LR_03063.exe
Please download it from the case FTP site:

update me with the results after installing the patch on all LR11 components including controllers, generators and vugen