Friday, 28 February 2014

Failed to connect to the agent.

Problem detail:  We are not able to connect to the LG from remote machine. Please find the error below.
Failed to connect to the agent.
Load Generator not responding after timeout
Command line that was executed:
-usr ..\dat\lr_trans_server.usr -lnch_interactive -controllerhost "cihcispapp565" -bridge -monitor_parent -extra_ext time_diff_ext -no_exception -eve_file_version 3 -drv_log_file_under_cntrl lr_bridge.log -working_lang 0 -es_unique_id 8 -extra_ext SummaryDataTransExt -trans_server_extra_ext SummaryDataTransExt -trs_online_mode 0 -trs_timer_duration 5 -out_communication 0 -extra_ext LrHostBalance -supply_netdir -extra_ext mft_server -lnch_priority normal -no_popups -lnch_interactive -lnch_registry_key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mercury Interactive\LoadRunner\CurrentVersion\RuntimeEnvironment" -product_name "LoadRunner" -lnch_dont_remove_until_notify

We tried to restart the agent service, but we still facing same issue. Please help us to fix the issue.

Problem Solution: The issue got fixed by retrying.