Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Correlation value in UFT-8 format instead of plain text

Problem detail: Correlation values are been retrieved in UTF-8 format and when are been substituted an error is generated for the request where the dynamic value is used.

Kindly ask you for a way to convert UTF-8 to plain text that could be used for parameter substitution.

Problem Solution: Customer had silverlight 4 application and was using Web HTTP/HTML
Suggested to use Silverlight protocol --\

Silverlight is a separate protocol by itself. It is a new protocol introduced in LoadRunner 11. It has Web HTTP/HTML as a subset.

Silverlight 2 and 3 are fully supported. Silverlight 4 is supported except if you use TCP binding.

For Silverlight, please refer to Vugen Guide Chapter 32 (page 882 through 885)

You can access manuals online as follows:

Start ---> All Programs ----> HP LoadRunner ----> documentation ---> Here you will see all manuals in pdf format and Online Function Reference.

Please see KB articles given below on Silverlight:

About Silverlight protocol and versions suppported with LoadRunner 11

Gave her the correlation rules ie. .cor file for viewstate and eventvalidiation.

Showed her how to do manual correlation using treeview--

1. Compared two scripts which were recorded without autocorrelation enabled using the Wdiff utility.

2. Found a value that different that in both recordings.

3. Checked for the first occurrence of that value in the Generation Log. Found that it was part of response from ta server.

4. Went to treeview and searched the previous step in the script in server response and was able to find the value.

5. Got the Left and Right boundaries to find the value uniquely.

6. Put in the web_reg_save_param in the script.

7. Replaced all occurrence of values in the script with the value of the parameter in web_reg_save_param.

In this way, we correlated a few values.

We replayed the script with extended logging and saw the values captured by web_reg_save_param and the parameter substitution done.

She did the rest of correlations manually as I had shown her.